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Howdy Folks. I was just listening to my ipod and it reminded me of BYM and inspired me to post and let you all know what's going on with me. Just another Monday like any other. PE teacher got really mad at me today and started yelling saying that I never do anything. No shit! We are doing backwards rolls while hanging off rings swinging through the air. I tried it once, feared for my life, and am not doing it again! Screw him. I did a survey and no one else would do it either if they weren't getting a grade. So yeah, don't really like PE. On a brighter note though just 3 1/2 more days until vacation!! I am counting the minutes. Yeah it's nice not having to do anything in school and just being able to sit there and write letters and read a book secretly under my desk but it gets dull. I need a vacation. Like a week in Rome maybe? My grandmother called me vesterday to confirm everything and I am all set. Plans for vaca

Thursday- dye easter eggs with exchange studnets, go to friend's birthday dinner and then a club
Friday- sleep a lot, shopping with Lorraine
Saturday+Sunday- dying eggs, egg hunt and other easter stuff with family
Monday- Grandmother's 80th birthday party
Tuesday+Wednesday+Thursday- relax, watch rented movies, party, hang out with friends and family, etc.
Friday- Roma!!!

Hardly any time at all till I go. Sorry but mostly the only thing running through my brain is how many seconds I have till the vacation. Happy late April Fools Day and enjoy Spring Break.
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