jenny2 (raindrop16) wrote,

So I am bored again. It actually snowed today as I was leaving for school and stuck so I took some pictures of my house in the snow. Very pretty. Kind of ironic though because today is the first day of Spring.

In other news I BOOKED MY FLIGHT TO ROME IN APRIL. I am soo excited to go and I just really hope AFS lets me but I don't see any reason they wouldn't. Also, as a direct result of my boredom I read through my old xanga (I can't believe I remembered the password and username). I don't remember hardly any of the stuff I was talking about. Caitlin apparently ripped my wall and me and Kristen went on some sort of quest??? It was fun anyway though.

Oh yeah and Ich hasse Sport. Es ist doof. Wir machen jetzt ruckwards rollen. Wie so sollte ich das lernen? Ja, ich will nur einfach ein bisschen auf Deutsch screiben. Ich kann viel besser sprechen als screiben aber es ist trotzdem lustig. Deutsch ist geil!!

hab dich lieb,
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