jenny2 (raindrop16) wrote,

So I finally figured out my camera and put all of my pictures on my computer and as soon as I buy some blank discs I find some outlet to let you all look at my family, friends, town, and of course me. Sorry I am so technology infriendly and this has taken me so over 6 months. I am really really technology infriendly.

Other than that? Nothing all that new with me actually. Getting another piercing in my ear sometimes soon and going to check on Die Grune Fae tonight (I don't actually have any idea how you spell in but I think that's more or less right, it's a bar). Sunday I have my dance recital which I am siked for. Also, working out all the details on Rome trip in about 4 weeks and starting plans on a trip to Amsterdam.

Right now I am going to take the train down to Bern and do some shopping. I am really awful about attending class here, right now I am in German theoretically. But I don't understand a large portion of them, don't get grades, don't write tests, and can offically right my own excused notes. My motivation is very limited. Senoritis in Switzerland. Except if I decide to skip here I can just walk out and hop on a train to anywhere. Back home all I could do was walk to Giant.
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