jenny2 (raindrop16) wrote,

So I completely forgot about it but last Thursday was me and Switzerland's 6 month anniversary. I thought that deserved an update.

So what is going on in my life? Got myself sick. Went out partying in Basel but because I live in the middle of nowhere it meant that I had to wait for the first train in the morning to go home (5 am) and the party was outside in the streets. What does this mean? I was outside in the cold from 8pm to 5 am and even rained a little. As a result I now feel like shit, it's my own fault though. Other that than?? Oh!! New exchange students. The new AFS kids got here and on Thursday I am going out to meet them, I love new exchange students. We already got the new Rotary kids and they are really nice. My nose piercing is not looking so happy, it has a little...never mind. You really don't want to know, just trust me that is seems vaugely unhappy.

I said yes to University of Maryland College Park and the scholars program. So the college questions is answered. I mean 65 thousand is a lot of money to turn down but with since I get in state tuition at UMCP it is only slightly more expensive. Where are other people going?? Let me know.

ganz liebe gruss,
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